Vehicle Inspection

You deserve the best car in its best condition, that is why we advise before purchasing any pre-owned cars why not bring it for full inspection. Here we will provide you a comprehensive report of your car status and condition. Looks can be deceiving, are you getting the right value for your car? There is no other way keeping your confidence buying a car worthy of your money by letting it inspected from a to Z. Let us help you by providing you a full vehicle inspection report and keep the value of your investment.

Power Train

  • ⇨Differential ois check
  • ⇨Transfer case
  • ⇨Propeller shaft inspection

Tyres and Wheels

  • ⇨Spare wheel
  • ⇨Thread condition check
  • ⇨Air pressure check

Air Conditioning System

  • ⇨Ac gas leak test
  • ⇨Ac compressor test
  • ⇨Ac blower check

Brakes System

  • ⇨Brake pads, shoes & discs inspection
  • ⇨ABS checkBrake
  • ⇨Lines
  • ⇨Hand breake Operation

Engine System

  • ⇨Cooling
  • ⇨Lubrication
  • ⇨Fuel
  • ⇨Ignition
  • ⇨Mechanical

Body & Paint check

  • ⇨Door
  • ⇨Panels
  • ⇨Bumpers
  • ⇨Fenders
  • ⇨Bonnet
  • ⇨Wing
  • ⇨Chassis

Electrical & Electronics

  • ⇨Lights inspection
  • ⇨Battery and Charging System check
  • ⇨Central locking test
  • ⇨Power windows
  • ⇨Multimedia test

Steering Suspesion Checkup

  • ⇨Suspension arms inspection
  • ⇨Steering rack check
  • ⇨Mounting and Bushes check
  • ⇨Air suspension check up
  • ⇨Hyraulic suspension check up

Transmission Check

  • ⇨Automatic gearbox
  • ⇨Manual Gearbox