Jeep- Maintenance & Repair Service in Dubai

We know that you love your amazing drive in your jeep car and want to keep it roaring on the roads for a longer time. Jeep requires special care by trained professionals and quality parts from the reliable repair and service providers. We offer the repair and maintenance to your vehicle with the intact warranty and ensure that your vehicle receives top hassle free service.

Welcome Jeep Owners!

Accenture garage LLC has been serving the Jeep owners since a long time. We know that your vehicle was designed and built to handle tough roads and harsh weather conditions. In order to ensure that your jeep performs in the way it was intended, you as the jeep owner ought to care it. In order to keep your jeep car running at its peak, it needs preventative maintenance and necessary repairs in a timely manner.  Ignoring it or choosing the wrong garage for its repair can decrease the life and performance of your jeep car. Our professional technicians excel in providing the top quality maintenance services and repair to your vehicles.

Jeep Service Schedule

Throughout its models from last six decades jeep cars are now listed among the versatile fleets.  The model jeep CJ-2a has the same style and sensibilities as the military version but with some added parts such as side-mounted spare tire and a fuel cap. Since 1950’s jeep cars emerged with the back to back stunning models. In 1960, jeep developed the wagoner, a pioneering SUV that was four-wheel drive and ran with an automatic transmission. In 70’s jeep developed the cj-7 and the scramble, the '90s hit with the success of the wrangler, Cherokee, and the larger grand Cherokee etc.

Accenture garage LLC offers to service to all models of a jeep and is experts in maintaining and repairs for the entire jeep family of vehicles such as patriot, Cherokee, grand Cherokee, wrangler, compass etc. Our certified technicians deliver high-quality maintenance and services at an affordable price in Dubai.

Our motto is to provide you with the safe driving. To schedule an appointment for your vehicle service or repair, please feel free to contact us