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BMW Service Schedule

The current series BMW uses Condition Based Service (CBS). It was first introduced in 2002 when the ‘new’ 7′ series model was launched. CBS is an evolution of BMW’s service indicator system (SIA) previously fitted across the model range. SIA used fixed time and distance service schedules whereas, CBS gathers information from modules and sensors fitted around the vehicle on an on-going basis. This allows the prevention of unnecessary replacement of components which still have substantial service life left. CBS is a maintenance system that analyses data and tells you when your next service is due. It measures serviceable items, such as fluid levels and the degree of deterioration on individual components in your BMW. It also checks the time/mileage recommendations for fixed services. Data can be checked at a glance on the information display in your vehicle, which gives you four weeks’ notice of service recommendations.

Components supported by CBS

CBS components fall into 2 main groups:
Sensor based items These items are monitored by physical and virtual sensors, depending on variables such as vehicle mileage. Items included in this group are: engine oil; micro filter/pollen filter; front brake pads; rear brake pads; and diesel particulate filter

Internally calculated items Certain items monitored by the CBS system do not require physical sensors. These items are calculated by the instrument cluster based on time and distance. Items included in this group are: brake fluid; spark plugs; user interface; and instrument cluster. Serviceable items are shown on the LCD information display and provide notification of service requirements. You may see a ‘service’ warning followed by information about the component which requires maintenance. You have one month to attend to the item. CBS components fall into 2 main groups:

I-Drive for vehicles that have drive, information can be accessed via the i-Drive system. It is possible to check the current state and remaining serviceable life of all CBS monitored components by navigating through the i-Drive menu into the ‘Service Menu’. Each item will be highlighted in either Green, Yellow or Red and display a percentage value indicating remaining serviceable life. Green item = No service required at present Yellow item = Service life nearing its end Red item = Service deadline has been passed

Older Model BMWs Older model BMW vehicles can be divided into two service schedule categories based on BM’s service indicator system (SIA). The first series was released in approximately 1983, the second series was released in approximately 1999.

The first series relies on an information display on the dashboard consisting of color-coded indicators: green, orange and red. Over time, the lights progressively countdown to when the next service is due. This is based on a 15,000km/12-month service interval. It also has a clock indicator which lights up every two years to warn the owner that a bi-annual service is due.

The second series uses the instrument cluster LED lights to advise the owner when a service is due. Whenever the vehicle is started up, the information display on the dashboard indicates when the next service is due. This is based on a 25,000km service interval.

The BMW service system includes both front and rear brake-pad-wear-sensors which display an icon on the dashboard indicating that the brake pads are due for replacement.

Oils & Fluids

At Accenture, we use Mobil 1 lubricants which comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.