Audi - Maintenance & Repair Service in Dubai

Prestige cars, prestige service, prestige know-how We use specialised diagnostic equipment to keep your Audi running like new from classics to contemporaries, we know and love Audi

Welcome Audi Owners!

Accenture is being servicing a wide range of late model and older Audi cars. We can provide you with the expert technical advice you need for Audi repairs and Audi servicing, across the Audi range. Accenture is an exceptional, independent European car workshop, offering European car repairs and servicing to Audi customers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Your Best Alternative to Dealers 

If you love your car and want to receive a European car service without the European dealer price, the Accenture is your solution. By comparison to dealers, Accenture can save you up to 30% on the service and repair bill of your European Car. In fact, we are offering FREE CONSULATION.

How Is This Possible? 

Firstly, dealers have expensive overheads: real estate, lots of staff and glass and steel showrooms, which you pay for when you book in your car to dealer workshops. At Accenture, you don’t have those overhead, the premises are simple, the workshop is functional and we only reinvest in our technical equipment and training.

Secondly, our approach is tailored to suit you our premium customers. That is, we will examine your vehicle, listen to you describing your diving needs and provide advice on repairing or servicing your vehicle based on our conversation, not based on a formula prepared for the public. We call it “boutique service”.

Thirdly, we shun the “replacement mentality” of dealers – we aim to repair components if possible. Our number one priority is to benefit our customers. Therefore, maintaining the safety and reliability of your vehicle is paramount, but at Accenture you can achieve this at a fraction of the dealer’s cost.

Fourthly, we pass on the benefit of choice in spare parts. Unlike dealers, we are not bound to one spare parts supplier. We are able to source genuine parts from suppliers across the region and internationally to ensure we acquire quality parts the best possible price for our customer. On the other hand, we can also purchase genuine parts from the manufacturer, carrying the premium price. The benefit here is that we offer you the choice. Our flexibility enables us to pass on the benefit of choice to our customers.

In order to maintain your Audi at optimal performance and minimize unexpected expensive repairs, we can examine your Audi as follows: While it is in for a service, we will identify any additional repairs and servicing that will protect your valuable investment; We will carry out a safety inspection at this time; We comply with manufacturer’s log book servicing for your Audi. We will explain to you in detail what the manufacturer’s recommendations are, what repairs or replacements we have identified and provide you with the information to make the choice about how you want your car repaired.

For example, the manufacturer may recommend that coolant and brake fluid be replaced “at periodic times”. We have the equipment to test these fluids and gauge whether they do in fact, require replacement. All servicing is carried out to the highest standard and fully documented. Service documents and records are kept for your Audi on our database.